How to write an academic essay?

  1. Tips

Here are few steps you should follow if you want your academic essay.


It is easier for you to be assigned with a specific topic. But if you are allowed to choose it by yourself, try to find something interesting for you, something you are sure you can find enough resources with proper information.


Usually, there is a thesis at the end of the introduction part. This must be a statement you will prove with the rest of the essay.


This is a well-organized list of points you want to include to your essay. Put them in the order they should be written. This will help you to organize your thoughts before you start writing.


Try to divine your thoughts into paragraphs. It means each point in your outline should be its own paragraph with a minimum of 3 sentences.


Try to follow the simple pattern of ‘Claim’ followed by ‘Evidence’ and then by ‘Impact’. First is the statement with support from evidence. It can be a reference of quotation in context. The impact then becomes the claim of the following paragraph.


Try to use transitional phrases. It will help the reader to follow from one paragraph to the next. These phrases should link one paragraph with another.


Write your essay. Then check it using both ways. Use the computer’s spell-check, and read it over yourself as well. If you are not sure in your spelling or grammar skills, ask a friend, classmate, family member or an expert to read it before you print the final version.


  • Avoid using the same words over and over again, use a dictionary! There are plenty online. Also, it is quite possible your word program has a built-in thesaurus. Ensure that you know how to use the synonym that you choose.
  • Don’t try to mess with fonts trying to make your text longer. Most teachers and professors will actually deduct your cheating.
  • Use proper English. Only! This is not just a simple text; this is not a letter to your friend.
  • Try to manage your time. Working in a rush is not good in any case.
  • Don’t forget to take breaks. It is important you brain to chill out a little bit.