Choosing an Essay Topic

Don’t panic if you have not been assigned to a topic for your essay. Look on this situation from the other side. It is not a problem, this is an opportunity. You are free to choose a topic that is interesting to you. It means that you will have much more motivation to write a good essay.


First of all, think about the purpose of your future essay. Do you want to persuade your readers to think and believe as you do? Maybe, you want to explain something, some task, for example? You can tell people about the person you admire. Also, you can tell about some place, idea or any other thing you are interested in.


After you determined the purpose of your essay, you should think about subjects that interest you. Write them down. Think about your life, hobbies, friend, parents and world situation. Just make a list of your supposed themes.

Topic Evaluation

If there is a situation that you have at least a few appropriative topics, you must evaluate each one of them. Consider each one individuality. Do you know enough about your topics? Maybe you have to extra educate to write your essay. So the best choice would be the subject you are well-informed. Are you passionate about this topic? Passion and interest means a lot. And the most important factor which helps you to make a choice will be the number of ideas you have about that topic.

If you have problems in choosing a subject from your list (each one is equally good or bad), try to make your decision think about your future work with it. What topic could be more interesting for your readers than the other ones. Which theme can lead you to success?

So, after you made your decision, don’t rush moving to the next step. Think about style and type of your essay. Would it be a general overview or a specific analysis? If you are going to make an analysis, make sure your topic is really specific. Writing on too common topic won’t be successful and interesting enough. Think about choosing some narrower subtopic to write about.

Here is one simple example. The topic “Kenya” is obviously general one. But it suits perfectly for a short overview of the country. Writing a specific analysis is completely another story. It is too big to write about in a simple essay. So, think once again and narrow it to something more specific. For example, “Politics in the USA” or “US Culture” fits perfectly.